The New World Order
The New World Order
World War 3: We are on the brink of a third World War, experts warn

BY Christian Savoy

World War 3 is inevitable and some experts agree that there are a number of assumptions to conclude that it is only a matter of time until the third World War is here. Many analysts believe that sooner or later, the US will attack Syria. And according to a Sep. 17 report from The Inquisitr, the restoration of Ukraine’s nuclear weapons could potentially be the match that lights the flames of World War 3.

A previous report from The Inquisitr explained that World War 3 may be an inevitable result of global economics and financial cycles, according to investors and political analysts. Tension in Syria is nearing the limit and members of the U.S.-led alliance must stand shoulder to shoulder to confront simultaneous security threats from Russia and the so-called Islamic State extremist organization, NATO secretary general Anders Fogh Rasmussen said Monday.

The situation in Syria is complicated because Americans are fed up with jihadist terrorist groups. However, an attack on Syria would be the final nail in the coffin of nuclear non-proliferation.

On Sep. 13, CNBC said via Reuters that Pope Francis recently warned that a 'piecemeal' World War 3 has already begun. The pope criticized the high number of deaths that occur in our day as a result of geopolitical interests behind or because of the importance and the development of the arms industry. However, despite such an undeniable fact, the reality is that there are hot spots on the globe. Is there enough conflict for either of them to possibly unleash a new World War? In theory, no. Unlike what happened in 1914, today's world is not divided into alliances like those that existed during the Cold War that could cause a chain reaction.
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